bearing animals are also pro▓duced locally.Reeds are in riot growth and in great abundance along the Huihe River in the banner. Some 35,000 tons are used annually for making p

  • 01.

    earned their living by fishing, hunt▓ing and breeding reindeer in t

  • 02.

    he fo▓rests northeast of Lake Baikal and along the Shileke Riv▓er (upper reaches of the Heilong River),

  • 03.

    tracing their▓ ancestry to the "Shiweis", particularly the "Northe▓rn Shiweis" and "Bo Shiweis"

  • 04.

    living at the time of Northern Wei (386-534) o▓n the upper reaches of the Heilong R▓iver, and the "Ju" t

In history, the Ewenkis and the Oroqens and Mongolians living in forests to the ea▓st of Lake Baikal and the Heil

ong River Valley in the Yuan Dynasty (1280▓-1368) were known as a "forest people," an▓d a people "moving on de

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